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A person can immigrate to Australia as an investor to start and run a business there through the Australia Business Visa programmer. Due to the procedures and papers needed, it is advised that one always speak with a qualified agency that has experience handling such cases. Exodus Visa Services Co can give you competent advice tailored to your particular situation i.e., Australia Work visa, Australia Student visa ETC and help you achieve your goals.

Types of Australia Business visa:

Innovation and Investment Australia Business Visa (Provisional) (Subclass 188)

Businessmen with talents nominated by a state or territory on behalf of the Australia Government are eligible to create and operate their businesses in Australia with the help of the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa, which is part of the Business Innovation and Investment Program.

Benefits to Visa Holders:
  • Start a new business, expand an existing one, invest in Australia, and work with an Australia state or territory government to make a designated investment, or make and keep compliant investments in Australia.
  • For the duration of your visa, you may enter and exit Australia.
  • Take your family to Australia with you.
  • Submit an application for the permanent Business Innovation and Investment (Subclass) Visa (Subclass 888).
Innovation and Investment Australia Business Visa (Permanent) (Subclass 888)

Innovation and Investment Australia Business Visa Subclass 888 is the second stage of visa subclass 188. After successfully meeting all conditions for visa subclass 188, this visa enables one to continue owning and managing their business operations in Australia. The Australia government offers businessmen permanent residence using this visa.

Benefits for Holders of Visas:
  • Stay there permanently, work there, and go to school there
  • Sign up for Medicare (Australia scheme for health care expenses)
  • Apply for citizenship in Australia (if you are eligible)
  • Encourage eligible family members to immigrate permanently
  • Travel to and from Australia is permitted for a period of five years after the visa is issued.

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Planning to move to Australia? Exodus Visa Services Co, the best Australian immigration consultants in Dubai can help you choose the best program keeping your profile and precise needs in mind. Since the federal government of Australia provides several routes to potential immigrants for immigration, it is necessary to have an expert like us by your side to make an informed decision.

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