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Chart Your Path to Independence: Subclass 189

Australia is currently one of the most popular countries for migrants due to its economic stability and high quality of life.

According to the Better Life Index, an international tool developed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development to measure how people see their standard of living against other countries, Australia is among the highest ranking countries that measure favorably in terms of their general population’s well-being.

Migration Options:
Skilled Independent Subclass 189: (Permanent Residency Visa)

Australia Sub Class 189 Immigration visa is a great opportunity if you are dreaming of starting your life in Australia. For this visa you are not required to get a job offer from an Australian organization. 

Yes! You can apply for Australian PR without getting any prior confirmation of work. 

You just have to submit an online Expression of Interest in which you will select your field in which you are interested to work in Australia. With this EoI you will be automatically considered for the vacant position.

This Visa is a Permanent Residency Visa option, the skilled independent visa does not require sponsorship by a relative or state/territory government.

In order to qualify for a Subclass 189 visa, you would need to:

  • Meet the pass mark in the skilled migration points test – currently 60
  • Be aged between 18 and 49 inclusive
  • Pass Skills Assessment in an occupation on the relevant Skilled Occupations List
  • Have Competent English or higher
  • Meet health and character requirements

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