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The Malta Work Permit

Malta, sometimes known as the Republic of Malta, is a country on an island in southern Europe. It is one of the 26 Schengen Area member nations as well as one of the 28 UAE member states.

A large number of international employees are drawn to Malta because it has a world-class school system, IT infrastructure, and healthcare system and speaks English as one of its official languages.

Work visa categories accessible to foreign workers in Malta

Foreign nationals may stay in Malta immigration for a longer period of time with the D visa. To reside and work in Malta for a lengthy period of time, overseas personnel will require this visa. Eligible for citizenship, and the most important thing is to use your education and talents to demonstrate your suitability for the chance.

Foreign workers will require a work permit in addition to a long-stay visa. This authorization is referred to as an employment license in Malta.

Jobs available

1. General labor,

2.Cleaning, and delivery of food

3.Workers in the kitchen, housekeeping, and the food and beverage industry.


Malta Immigration Requirements for obtaining a work visa

1.a current passport

2.Medical travel insurance

3.a Malta-based company’s employment agreement

4.Evidence of lodging for the applicant’s whole stay in Malta

5.Proof of adequate financial resources to cover the applicant’s stay in full

6.Experience at a Relevant Job

7.revised resume

8.Candidates should be employed right now.

9.Certification of complete COVID-19 immunization

The Work Permit Procedure:

Step 1: The employer in Malta will be given with all necessary documentation for review.

Step 2: A Skype interview will be conducted (If required)

Step 3: The employer will submit a job offer following the selection process.

Step 4: The applicant accepts the job offer and provides the business with more paperwork.

Step 5: Employer must submit an application for a work permit in Malta.

The letter of approval is valid for 180 days after step

step 6: the work permit is issued.

Additional documentation needed to apply for a visa:

Step 1: Begin the VFS/Malta Embassy appointment process.

Step 2: Reserve lodging

Step 3: Plan a vacation schedule and at least three months of travel insurance

Step 4: Submit a visa application

Step 5: Receiving a visa


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