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Poland is the ideal country for immigration because of its natural wonders, archaeological splendor, and stable economy. Our consulting is worthwhile if you are not a native of this nation but want to obtain a visa through highly qualified Poland immigration advisors. The goal of our immigration counseling services is to make the immigration process simple. Look no further; Exodus Visa Services Co are here to streamline your immigration process. We are the dependable immigration advisors from Poland in Dubai.

To obtain a visa for Poland, the right documentation is needed for either a temporary residence permit or permanent immigration. Before you take off for Poland, the Exodus Visa Services Co team makes sure all visa requirements have been met.

In addition, Poland immigration specialists in the UAE provide a variety of immigration visas for Poland, rules, and other pertinent information readily available. Before traveling freely within Poland, obtaining a business trip visa has been a difficult process. On the other hand, if you want to move to Poland for other reasons, you should be aware of the following:

  • Higher salaries can be anticipated

  • The average work week is 40 hours long.

  • Minimal unemployment

  • In Poland, the average pay is rising significantly.

  • Following a year of employment,

  • employees are given 20 paid vacation days.

  • Greater employment prospects

Professionals seeking immigration assistance in Dubai who are competent workers are given full support and direction by Exodus Visa Services Co.

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Airport shuttle A kind of visa:

Without leaving the airport transit area, you can utilize it to travel throughout Poland. Eligibility: 1. Citizens of Nigeria, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, or Sri Lanka; Eritrea, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo; or Bangladesh. 2. If you don’t want to go outside the transit area of the airport.

Uniform Schengen C type visa:

You can enter the nations that make up the Schengen area as a tourist after obtaining a uniform Schengen C-type visa. Additionally, you are permitted to travel for up to 90 days to see family, and friends, or take part in cultural or athletic events. Eligibility: This sort of visa is provided depending on the reason for or nature of your trip, and ranges from restricted territorial validity and 90-day duration visa to permanent residence because of studies.

D type national visa:

Employees who are transferred within an organization and sent to Poland are eligible for this work permit. The employee must obtain this Poland work visa if the project lasts longer than 30 days.

D Type visa:

This visa is given to people who wish to stay in Poland for an extended period for a variety of reasons, including business, study, work, or educational training. Eligibility: To obtain a National D-type visa, supporting evidence of purpose and travel insurance must be presented.

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After obtaining a residency or employment permit, Poland offers a high-quality lifestyle that is undoubtedly rewarding. Additionally, this Central European nation offers rather good chances for exposure to foreign culture in terms of jobs, education, and other areas. Poland immigration advisors from Exodus Visa Services Co are ready to serve you with dedication if you have any questions about the specific immigration process or want to access more in-depth information.

We at Exodus Visa Services Co have a wealth of materials and up-to-date, in-depth expertise regarding Polish immigration. Our consultancy has become well-known due to its long history of success, close interaction with applicants to answer their concerns, and support for Polish immigration.

Numerous applicants have worked with our Poland immigration advisors, who have provided them with the necessary guidance to finish the procedure. We provide qualified professionals with the comprehensive advice and direction needed for this immigration process. To begin the consultation and let our immigration specialists fulfill your dream of relocating to Poland !


Exodus Visa Services Co have provided talented professionals with error-free support with immigration applications throughout the past few years. Even if you intend to move permanently to Poland because of the high standard of living there, our experts will help you do so as easily as possible from Dubai. With the help of our knowledgeable, professional advisors, guides, and scholars at Exodus Visa Services Co, we help people prepare to fit into Polish culture. Here is how we frugally streamline the immigration procedure


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