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Portugal Immigration from UAE

Are you looking for Portugal Immigration? Families and investors from all over the world, including those who live in the United Arab Emirates, have migrated to the nation in southern Europe. The nation provides ex-pats who move here with a low cost of living and tax perks in addition to stunning scenery and secure streets. Exodus Visa Services Co can help you with everything from getting a visa to adjusting to living in Portugal.

Find out if you need a visa to live in Portugal:

Every visitor from around the world is welcome to make a financial contribution to Portugal’s economy. Investors, workers, students, and family members are among those who apply for visas to enter the nation. As a result of this, they will also get a residency permit and future advantages.

Some benefits of residing in Portugal include the following:
  • As long as you have a valid visa, you may stay in the nation (this varies according to your activity in Portugal).

  • As a citizen of Portugal, you are entitled to unrestricted travel within the Schengen region of Europe.

  • You have access to the healthcare system as a Portuguese citizen.

  • You may also grant the same advantages to your spouse, kids, or any other dependents.

  • You may file a petition for Portuguese citizenship after five years of legal residence in Portugal.

You can apply for several different types of residency permits:

Several visas are accepted for entry into Portugal, but if you plan to stay for more than 90 days, you’ll need to apply for a resident visa. Learn everything you can about each one.

Entrepreneurs Visa:

If certain requirements are completed, the Entrepreneur Visa allows you to establish a real or virtual business or organization that will qualify for a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) in Portugal.

The D7 visa:

If you have a documented source of income (retirement, pensions, rental property, investments, etc.) and meet certain requirements, the D7 Visa for Portugal helps you obtain a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP).

The following documentation is required to apply for a visa to visit Portugal:
  • Follow the guidelines and conditions of the visa (enrolling at a university in Portugal, buying a house, getting a job, opening a company, and so on).

  • Schedule a meeting with VFS Global, show up for the interview, and provide all required documentation.

  • Do not insert the visa into your passport until it has arrived.

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Documents required to apply with Portugal Immigration:

Depending on the visa selected, the list of documents varies slightly, however several are common. Think about the example below:

  • International travel medical insurance includes coverage for medical and repatriation emergencies. Based on a criminal certificate filed by the SEF of your home country (and recently visited), SEF has granted permission to consult with Portuguese criminal registration.

  • There is evidence of food and lodging in Portugal.

  • Your passport needs to be up-to-date for the duration of your visit.

Remember that you must fulfill all requirements before applying for a particular visa in addition to providing all of these supporting documents. You need a job in a Portuguese company, for instance, to qualify for work visas. You must first enroll in school if you want a student visa. You must first form a company in Portugal to get a business visa.

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How do United Arab Emirates nationals apply for Portugal Immigration?

The Golden Visa program was established by the Portuguese government to enable international investors to get an Investment Residence Permit after making specific investments in Portugal (ARI The Portuguese Foreigners and Border Services issues this Investment Residence Permit in conjunction with the Golden Visa (SEF).

Under the Golden Visa scheme, thousands of people have already applied and are residing in Portugal. What is required of UAE nationals to obtain Golden Visas in Portugal? The same rules apply to citizenship as they do to the general population.

You must undertake one of the following to invest in Portugal:

  • Purchasing real estate for more than 500,000 euros.

  • Around 350 thousand euros was spent on the purchase of old properties in urban redevelopment areas.

  • A capital transfer of at least €1,000,000 is necessary.

  • In Portugal, you need to create at least 10 employees before opening a new business.

  • Small and medium-sized businesses would be the main target of the investment.

  • Scientific research requires financial support.

  • Putting money towards art production, cultural heritage preservation, and environmental protection

What should families know before relocating from the United Arab Emirates to Portugal?

There are a few things to bear in mind to ensure a smooth transition if you intend to relocate to Portugal with your family from the United Arab Emirates.

How is Portugal’s healthcare system doing?

Portugal boasts a top-notch public health system, which will come as a relief to you. Although there are frequently long waits and lineups, especially in major cities, it functions.

However, there are several enticing options available in Portugal’s private healthcare system. For people who desire greater exclusivity and expediency in their medical care, health insurance is not expensive and is well worth the cost.

What is the organization of the educational system?

Public schools in Portugal are renowned for being excellent. Despite being free and accessible to all children in the nation, the timetables are only available in Portuguese.

If your kids don’t speak the language, don’t worry about it. In Portugal, many top-notch foreign schools provide teaching in English, French, and German.

The jobs market:

Similar to the nation itself, Portugal’s labor market is friendly and vibrant. Right now, it would be extremely advantageous to relocate to Portugal. The expanding economy has led to a proliferation of new startups and IT businesses. Naturally, studying Portuguese will help you gain access to more opportunities. Let’s examine the market in more detail.

The IT sector and internet businesses welcome ex-pats. On the other hand, Portuguese language proficiency is commonly required in other, more traditional businesses. If you speak several languages, you may always get employment in the tourism sector even if you do not speak the language. And there is no shortage of them given how many people a country like Portugal draws.

Every employee in Portugal is required to make social security contributions. The contribution provides Portuguese Social Security protection in the following cases: 

Compensation for Unemployment:
  • There are two sorts of parental leave: maternity and paternity.

  • Pensions for seniors

  • There are benefits to illness and sickness.

  • Benefits if you pass away

  • Benefits if you pass away

  • Invalidity

  • Work-related injuries and other health issues



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