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UK Visit Visa or Visitor visa has different subtypes including tourism visa, family visit visa, business visit visa, and study visit visa. Heading to the UK to receive medical treatment is also possible with a Visit visa.

One of the main tourist destinations for people from all over the world is the United Kingdom. People are still drawn to it because of its history, culture, natural beauty, and architectural landmarks. But before making travel arrangements to this stunning nation, the majority of people must know about the UK visas like UK Student visas, UK business visas, and UK tourist visa. UAE nationals and residents who are not residents of a country exempt from the UK visa requirement must first apply for a UK visa. The steps you must take in order to apply for a UK tourist visa from Dubai are listed below.

What Are the UK Visitor Visa, UK Standard Visa, and UK Tourist Visa?

You must apply for a normal visa if you want to travel to the UK for a brief period of time. UK visitor or UK tourist visa are other names for the UK standard visa. With this short-term visa, the traveler may stay in the UK for up to six months. This brief period can be used for leisure activities or excursions, brief business meetings, visits with friends or family, and other purposes. If you need a UK standard visa instead of a small business visa, tourist visa, academic visit visa, etc., Exodus Visa Services Co will be the best travel consultants in the UAE to help you with your travel arrangements.

Depending on the length of stay you desire, there are various sorts of UK standard visas. The following are typically the many types of standard visitor visas and the permitted length of stay:

  • a six-month short-term standard tourist visa
  • standard 11-month visitor’s visa for medical purposes
  • standard 12-month visitor’s visa for academics
  • 6 months each visit for a two-year regular tourist visa
  • a normal visiting visa with a five-year term and a six-month travel limit
  • ten-year ordinary tourist visa with a six-month travel limit

How do I apply for a UK Tourist Visa?

Only applicants from outside of the United Kingdom may submit an application for a UK tourist visa. The earliest you can apply is thirty days before your trip. The main processes in applying for a regular visa or tourist visa for the UK are as follows:

Verify your eligibility to submit a tourist visa application.

  • Fill out the online application
  • assemble the necessary paperwork
  • Make a reservation
  • show up for the visa interview



  • Most importantly, you must have a valid passport or other travel documentation with you at all times while you are there. You also need to demonstrate that;
  • After your visit, you’ll depart from the United Kingdom.
  • Throughout the entirety of your stay, you have the financial means to support yourself.
  • You have enough money to pay for your return or your next destination.
  • You must demonstrate to them that you won’t keep extending your stay and that you won’t strive to make the UK your primary home by making more trips there.
Eligibility may differ according to your purpose of visit. If you are visiting to study, you will also have to;

Prove that you have been received an offer to study in any of the UK accredited institutions

The course you are supposed to study is not more than the period of six months

If you are planning to study a course that is more than a 6-month period, you will either need a UK Short-term Study Visa or UK Student Visa. Or if your purpose of the visit is private medical treatment, you may be required to prove that;

Your medical records that demand private treatment in the UK

Your consultation arrangements have already been fixed

You are able to manage your complete treatment expenses or you have enough funding source

You will be leaving the UK once your treatment is completed.

You are not having any disease that is dangerous to public health


To apply for a UK standard visa, tourist visa, or visit visa, you must have the following documents on hand, per UK government visa requirements.

  1. Online VAF1A application for a UK visa
  2. Authentic passport with empty pages
  3. UAE residency permit valid (if you are from UAE)
  4. A white background can be seen in three recent images.
  5. a six-month bank statement and evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover your living expenses
  6. Information on accommodations
  7. Detailed trip schedule
  8. A biometric profile
  9. Test results for tuberculosis
  10. Invitation letter for a UK visa (if applicable)
  11. Payment of the visa fee
  12. A visit visa has its own documentation requirements.
During the consultation, we review your background, education, and experience to assess and strategize the immigration option most suitable for you.

UK visit visa can be issued for a period of 6 months with some exceptions when the applicant can stay in the country for one year. Moreover, a Visit visa has certain rules that must be observed, such as it is forbidden to get married while staying in the UK with a tourist visa.

Our consultants at Exodus Visa Services Co are ever ready to assist you with your visa application procedure in order to avoid being baffled by the varied information with regards to the documentation related to applying for visit visa requirements, in order to avoid being expelled from the country for violating visa rules. There are various types of visas available for visiting the UK. The type of visa that you may be able to get depends on a number of factors such as the length of your stay, your passport, and the purpose of your visit.

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