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Are you a skilled professional? Do you want to migrate to the most developed country like the UK from Dubai for more yet better career opportunities? Congratulations! You are at the right place. Being one of the most reliable UK immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE, we, at Exodus Immigration can help to get your UK PR visa with great ease. With 5+ years of experience in immigration services, our UK immigration consultants are always there to guide and assist skilled professionals in the UK work permit and PR visa processes.

Exodus Immigration team of experts will not only solve your queries but also walk you through the whole process of your Visa application for UK in the most seamless manner! They will help you with processing your UK visa, UK Immigration and Tier-1 Entrepreneur Visa through a careful and well-thought approach. UK Immigration has different visa options out of which Tier-1 Entrepreneur is the best possible way to relocate to UK.


The country with the aroma of its history all over, the United Kingdom is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, without a doubt, the UK is also world’s fastest growing economy. If you are only looking for beauty, this country is definitely the place to go because trust us, you will not only get to see gorgeous and breath-taking buildings that have history written all over them, that is how preciously this country has preserved its history, but you will also see excellence in terms of technology, business, education and healthcare.

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