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The northernmost territory of Canada, the Yukon, launched the Yukon Community Pilot program, which is a component of the Yukon PNP.

The Yukon Community Pilot Program was developed to meet the territory’s economic and labor market needs. The applicant will receive a work permit under this program for two years and then apply for a permanent resident visa for Canada. The Yukon government launched this program in January 2020, and it will be available for 3 years, until June 2023. In the Yukon communities that are participating in the program, an applicant may work for two to three of the employers listed below.

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Yukon Community Pilot Program Advantages:

The Yukon Community Pilot Program offers many advantages to immigrants, including the following:

  • No academic prerequisites
  • Language not necessary (IELTS Not required)
  • The LMIA does not need to approve the job offer (LMIA exemptional subsection R205a )
  • If the primary applicant receives a job offer under NOC Skill level O, A, or B, the spouse may submit an application for an open work permit in Canada.
  • No need to provide proof of funds.
  • The applicant will be qualified to obtain permanent residence in Canada
  • Multiple part-time jobs from three different employers may be the job offer.
  • The validity of the YCP work permit is two years.

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Eligibility Criteria for the Yukon Community Pilot program:

The Yukon Community new initiative has a set of requirements for participation. To be eligible for the Yukon Community Pilot Program, immigrants must fulfil the following criteria:

  • two to three job offers from as many as three employers in the participating Yukon community.
List of Participating Yukon community
  • Carcross
  • Carmack’s
  • Dawson City
  • Haines Junction
  • Watson Lake
  • Whitehorse
  • would need to be nominated by the Yukon government (can be done after receiving a valid job offer)
  • Each job offer must include a minimum of 30 hours per week of work (equal to a full-time job)
  • satisfy the work permit’s general requirements.

Yukon Community Pilot Program documentation requirements:

The paperwork needed for the Yukon Community Pilot Program is as follows:

  • The immigrant should submit a copy of the nomination letter given by the government of Yukon, confirming that they have been nominated for permanent residence.
  • A letter of support from the Yukon government, signed, should also be submitted. stating that the companies who are hiring you want you to work in the neighborhood. It should also mention the validity of the job offers made by the employer and list the specifics of the offer, such as the employer’s name, the number of hours, the location of the job, etc.
Applying for the Yukon Community Pilot Program: Steps
Step 1: Fill out job applications
  • The immigrants must first submit applications for two or three employment offers that fit their profile.
Step 2: Applying for the nomination
  • To enter Canada, the immigrant must submit an application through the Yukon Provincial Nominee Program. The Yukon government will send them a letter of nomination. For the Yukon work permit, the immigrant can either apply for a skilled worker program or a vital impact worker program based on their skill level.
  • A letter of support from the Yukon government should be given to the immigrant as well. The letter should contain facts about the employment location, number of hours, occupation, employer’s name, etc. The letter should attest to the employer’s requirement for the immigrant to reside and work in the neighborhood.
Step 3: Obtaining a Work Permit
  • The immigrant can apply for a Yukon work permit after receiving a job offer and letters from the Yukon government. The immigrant may work for any employer with some restrictions thanks to the Yukon work permit. Furthermore, the immigrant might obtain the Yukon work permit without the LMIA’s permission.

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